IDS Lies to Tory Party – Time for him to GO?

Thank you Jayne for this blog. I would find it difficult to structure an article like this due to my own ill health, so I fully understand how hard it must have been due to your health decline. I wish you the very best.

I will be sharing your blog and the petition. I just fails me how this man is still Minister for DWP. I think he will go down in history, all for the very WRONG reasons, and we all have our own words we would like to say to the man who has led a campaign that has caused fear, worry, worsening health, and the loss of life, for us, the disabled, and unemployed people – all whom which are at the hands of the state through NO fault of their own.

Whilst I appreciate that disabled/sick can go through the assessments and be ‘awarded’ their ‘welfare’ – like me – it still doesn’t take away the FEAR of having to go through PIP and ESA assessements.

The fiasco of Universal credit alone should have seen him removed…..not to mention sanctions, deaths, and now yet more news….incorrect statistics which he should have been fully aware of.

Thanks Jayne

Regards Ange

#IDSIndicted #TRUTHCampaign 👍


Warning – The post below contains swearing

Just what the Fuck has Iain Duncan Smith on fellow members of the Conservative Party? Thanks to John Pring at Disability News Service, we know this excuse for a man in charge of the DWP has LIED AGAIN.  This time not only to us the people and the media, but also to his own Party!

This round of Lies is regarding the ‘success’ of the Disability Confident Campaign which, claims” the government is working with employers to remove barriers, increase understanding and ensure that disabled people have the opportunities to fulfil their potential and realise their aspirations.” John, via freedom of information requests has revealed, contrary to IDS claims at last years Tory Party Conference that more than 1,000 employers” had ‘signed up’ to the campaign, the reality is fewer than 400 actually joined, and only 68, are currently “active partners”!! The article is…

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