Defend Disabled People’s Right To Independent Living

The ILF is a lifeline to severely disabled people. It would actually cost Social Care MORE by scrapping this very important fund.
We have spent decades moving disabled people out of institutions – and rightly so – and the TORY Party want to undo all that GOOD work. Don’t severely disabled people deserve lives? Deserve the chance to have jobs? And to ‘fit in’ to society?

As a wheelchair user myself, and before illness, having cared for my own mum, whom has multiple sclerosis, I/we feel unimportant to the TORY Party, who have made it clear that they do not have empathy nor understanding when it comes to disability.

The ILF is a life saver for some. WHY are they taking away something that IS cost effective? It just does not make sense.

We need to fight this all the way!

Same Difference

Soap stars and disabled campaigners explain why the Independent Living Fund (ILF) is such a vital source of support and why it should not close. #SaveILF

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