Social Housing Chief thinks 300,000 more homeless children per year an irrelevance!

This is an excellent article, that I urge everyone to read.

The TORY cuts – ‘benefit cap’ – which the word ‘benefit cap’ in itself is put out there to vilify anyone ‘claiming’ – it might as well say ‘benefit scrounger’ – these words are carefully planned to keep the public fighting with themselves, instead of looking at the REAL problem – Austerity!

So, as the cuts come into force many families will face homelessness. My friends have already been victim of these vile insensitive cuts. They were waiting 6 years to be put into affordable social accommodation… a ‘reward’ for waiting so long? They got evicted……who cares? Well I bloody well care! Not because they are friends ( though the empathy is deep 💞 ) – no! Because I CAN see further than the end of my nose! I CAN see what these cuts are going to do to people – innocent people living in a HOME and trying to survive the best way they can in whatever circumstances are thrown at them. Low paid workers, single parents, Welfare claimants..for whatever reason ( and lest we not judge, no man ( or woman ) has walked in another mans shoes. These are the ones who are going to be largely effected – the most vulnerable of our society.

The TORY Nasty Party has only just begun to weird it’s ugly axe. If you’re not afraid – if YOU think you are immune – think again. We are all just a few pay packets away from homelessness….