ESA Assessment Tonorrow

So tomorrow is my ‘big day’ I have my first ESA Assessment.
This Assessment will determine whether I go onto JSA, WRAG or SG (abbreviations explained below )

My last appointment was cancelled on the day, last month – so I’ve had to wait a further 4 weeks for another appointment.
My husband did so well to get us there in time and manage to get into the building – the ‘disabled ramp’ was so short and had such a gradient! And we had the security guard and two receptionists just staring at us – the security guard eventually offered help ( you need to be a body builder to open the door! ) – we got into the tiny reception room, only to be told the Assessor had gone off sick – they said they’d been calling all day – but let slip the Assessor went home at lunchtime! And we DID hear the home phone as we were leaving the house, but ignored it because we didn’t want to be late for the appointment!
ATOS have got my mobile number ( I prefer to be called in that number because I can’t always get to the landline because of my mobility….apparently PIP ATOS and ESA are totally different though and don’t share information?!

So after 10 months of being on standard ESA, I’m dreading, but hoping that I don’t get another cancellation! It’s not just the let down and being in limbo land, but it takes an awful lot to get me ready and out of the house! And it knackers me out for days.

Anyway, what turned out to be a quick announcement, turned into a grumpy arsed moan – sorry! ☺️

I’ll let y’all know what happens tomorrow…..dum dum duummmmm!……

ESA – Employment Support Allowance
WRAG – Work Related Activity Group
SG – Support Group


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