Nabi Saleh: Videos, reports & photos (17th – 31 January 2015)

I look at my children in the relative safety of my Country, and I think to myself – what kind of Army uses such brutality against unarmed men, women and children.

These communities are restricted and repressed – if the children throw rocks, you have to ask yourselves WHY?? Facing anger WITH anger – using force with force is not the answer. I don’t have the answers….I wish I did! Though I think someone as experienced as Miko Peled might?
I do think that these soldiers should be nowhere near to these people – leave them alone! Stop the aggression and start to realise that everyone on this planet is EQUAL. It’s way time Israelis leader was forced out and a new leader with a progressive and inclusive vision for all #Palestinians – #Israel is a part of #Palestine – NOT the other way round and #land needs discussing. #Prisoners need releasing and #Walls need to come tumbling down! For the sake of the #Children 💞

Nabi Saleh Solidarity

21 January 2015

Update by Nabi Saleh Solidarity

IOF in Nabi Saleh on 21 January 2015. – the Israeli army raided NabiSaleh in the morning, firing live ammunition/teargas and arresting Eyad Tamimi (49) and Hamza Tamimi (25) from their houses

Photo: IOF in Nabi Saleh on 21 January 2015. - the Israeli army raided NabiSaleh in the morning, firing live ammunition/teargas and arresting Eyad Tamimi (49) and Hamza Tamimi (25) from their houses

23 January 2015

Update by Nabi Saleh Solidarity

Activists report IOF invade village with four jeeps and at least 18 soldiers before the weekly demonstration began. The fired large amounts of teargas at unarmed protesters. In particular the valley was filled with teargas making it difficult for people to breath. Residents reported that the teargas was particularly strong, with many suffocated by the gas due to the large quantities and strong winds. IOF continue to invade village and harass village for several hours after the conclusion of the demonstration.

Video by David Reeb

Report and photos from Haim Scwarczenberg:

(for more photos, click here)

“The weekly protest in Nabi…

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ESA Assessment Tonorrow

So tomorrow is my ‘big day’ I have my first ESA Assessment.
This Assessment will determine whether I go onto JSA, WRAG or SG (abbreviations explained below )

My last appointment was cancelled on the day, last month – so I’ve had to wait a further 4 weeks for another appointment.
My husband did so well to get us there in time and manage to get into the building – the ‘disabled ramp’ was so short and had such a gradient! And we had the security guard and two receptionists just staring at us – the security guard eventually offered help ( you need to be a body builder to open the door! ) – we got into the tiny reception room, only to be told the Assessor had gone off sick – they said they’d been calling all day – but let slip the Assessor went home at lunchtime! And we DID hear the home phone as we were leaving the house, but ignored it because we didn’t want to be late for the appointment!
ATOS have got my mobile number ( I prefer to be called in that number because I can’t always get to the landline because of my mobility….apparently PIP ATOS and ESA are totally different though and don’t share information?!

So after 10 months of being on standard ESA, I’m dreading, but hoping that I don’t get another cancellation! It’s not just the let down and being in limbo land, but it takes an awful lot to get me ready and out of the house! And it knackers me out for days.

Anyway, what turned out to be a quick announcement, turned into a grumpy arsed moan – sorry! ☺️

I’ll let y’all know what happens tomorrow…..dum dum duummmmm!……

ESA – Employment Support Allowance
WRAG – Work Related Activity Group
SG – Support Group

Work to avoid the benefit cap and we will sanction you says DWP!!!

Can’t work? Get screwed

Can’t find work? Get screwed

Can’t find ENOUGH work? Also get screwed

ALL get called Scroungers!

Why is this being delivered before the General Election?

My guess is, the Tories are hoping there’s a good majority who wint be voting….who are they to vote for?….

They probably think they’ve got the vote of the middle and upper class….with the utter bile that’s been spouted about immigration, they’re going to be looking at UKIP to go into coilition with IF they have to.

I think they think they’re pretty much ‘safe’

My opinion? They are fucking deluded – there’s only so much the MAJORITY can take. By effecting the working pockets so blatantly ( ‘we’ are already aware that low paid workers are having to use food banks ) they are going against what THEY spouted “we will make sure you are better off working” – when in reality? “We will make sure you are better off working UNDER OUR TERMS”

And meanwhile IDS plans to invite Housung Associatiin tenants to be able to buy their homes? …..he just wants the repos to start rolling in so he can get his landlord chums some more housing stock!

What an insane world we live in!