The behaviour of Green Jenny Jones at City Hall is more suited to the Jeremy Kyle show

This blogger has a dig at #JennyJones. My response?…
Actually, I think you’ll find Police Officers undercover, engaging in sexual activity, IS something the public should, and have been made aware of in the past.
Where does it say in a police officers contract that part of their role, whilst ON duty, is to engage in such activities with a member of the public, for extracting evidence?
So ridiculing Jenny for that and likening it to a Jeremy Kyle Show? “Not on my watch gov’ner”


The public is thoroughly disillusioned with politics and respect for politicians is at an all time low. Mercifully, Mayor’s Question Time is edited for television, but the session is open to the general public, who are frequently treated to behaviour more suited to the Jeremy Kyle show.jeremykyleGreen Jenny Jones uses social media and the national press to launch smear campaigns to attack supporters of Boris Johnson and to smear him personally.  This is classic JK contestants behaviour.

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