Rotherham, Race and “White” Paedophilia

Thank you for a very balanced blog 👍 I find it such a shame that the ‘race’ issue seems to overlook the real problem – paedophilia – whether the perpetrators are white, black, or yellow with purple polka dots!.

As you rightly point out in the blog, there is serious cases of ‘Establishment abuse’ – in care homes, Councils, Police – and major cover ups – involvement of MPs, Lords…maybe higher up?…. We don’t question these people’s colour, or religion….

Paedophilia needs stamping on – no matter who that person or persons are.

Not all white people are bad, same as people ‘of colour’ – trouble is, the likes of BNP and Britain First use the headlines for THEIR own agenda – NOT – for the sake of those abused as a priority – but to cause racial tensions, and that is simply wrong. You cannot use a child’s abuse to further your Party – it’s twisted and sick.


rotherhamNothing scorches the mind more than the news of innocent children being subject to abuse, be it psychological, physical or sexual.  It is a scarring which remains with the child for the rest of his or her life, impacting their ability to form relationships and inhibiting development of their mental faculties.

It is without doubt emblematic of human depravity of the extreme kind.

The right-wing, anti-Muslim racists however are doing their utmost to attach the horror that is the case of Rotherham to race (Pakistani) and religion (Islam). In the comments section of a Spectator article on the topic, commenters called for Islam to be proscribed, mosques to be bulldozed and British Isles to be cleansed, Spanish inquisition-style.


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