On Sue Marsh, Maximus, and Moving On

I’m finding this hard to digest. A person who is in Support Group can suddenly take on full time work – irrelevant of who she was, or indeed who she’s going to work for – the reason WHY I say this, is because it puts every claimant in a bad light. Is there some miraculous cure out there? – because there is NO amount of money that could get me into work. I just couldn’t do it, physically and mentally.
I could understand if she had recovered well enough to go from the Support Group, down to the WRAG group…wouldn’t that be how most people take that route – and indeed be advised to?
When you have an illness or disability that effects you so badly that you are IN the Support Group, I cannot see how you can rehabilitate back to a full time working environment?

I don’t know this woman personally, and don’t know her illness, but I feel able to comment, purely on the fact that one isn’t in a SG because the right job hasn’t come along yet! – either you are fit for work, or you are not – if you are? Then I think in her case, certainly questions need to be asked as to WHY she was in that group?

Someone once said to me about ME ( one of the conditions I have ) “Its like having flu – not man flu – but real flu. If someone placed a £50 note on the ground outside, if you HAD flu, you wouldn’t be able to get up and retrieve that note – it’s just the same with ME, but we live it EVERY day”
At the time I had fibro, but managed to cope with limited daily goings on…I didn’t really ‘get it’ – I now have Severe ME and chronic pain – I now DO get it.
I hate my mundane life, but try to make the most of it. I miss working. I miss being able to help people, both physically and financially. I would hate to think that this one woman could potentially change the publics perception of poorly and disabled people who are unable to work….least not forget the hundreds, if not thousands of deaths that have occurred since this ‘wonderful’ cruel new Welfare Bill came in.

I would like to end by paying my respects to all those who have died at the hands of this cruel system. May they all RIP and never be forgotten.
I would also like to thank everyone who campaign tirelessly for the Rights of the Disabled , and those who help with benefits, those whose presence is both on ground and online, and those who are active just online – everything makes a difference, and everyone deserves to pat themselves on the back ( not literally! )

This person will regret her actions and as has been said in the blog, everyone needs to move on…..errrr what was her name?! Forgotten already!

There’s a March being organised in March! Thank you 💞

the void


It is hard to accept when someone you trusted has stabbed you in the back.  It is unsuprising that there are those who cling to the – frankly fucking ludicrous notion – that the appoinment of a prominent claimant and disability campaigner to a highly paid role with Maximus represents a cunning plan by Sue Marsh to take down the system from the inside.  Or that she is still working for claimants really, not the people who are paying her £75,000 a year.  The sad truth is that seemingly nice people do shitty things for a lot less money than that every single day.  No matter what lies Sue has told herself, and us to justify this betrayal, do not believe for a second that it is Maximus who are being played.

Maximus are not idiots.  They are as slick a bunch of bastards as you are likely to find…

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The behaviour of Green Jenny Jones at City Hall is more suited to the Jeremy Kyle show

This blogger has a dig at #JennyJones. My response?…
Actually, I think you’ll find Police Officers undercover, engaging in sexual activity, IS something the public should, and have been made aware of in the past.
Where does it say in a police officers contract that part of their role, whilst ON duty, is to engage in such activities with a member of the public, for extracting evidence?
So ridiculing Jenny for that and likening it to a Jeremy Kyle Show? “Not on my watch gov’ner”


The public is thoroughly disillusioned with politics and respect for politicians is at an all time low. Mercifully, Mayor’s Question Time is edited for television, but the session is open to the general public, who are frequently treated to behaviour more suited to the Jeremy Kyle show.jeremykyleGreen Jenny Jones uses social media and the national press to launch smear campaigns to attack supporters of Boris Johnson and to smear him personally.  This is classic JK contestants behaviour.

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Bonds, Homes and Care for Profit: the Worth of Disabled People

Thank you Penny – fantastic blog entry. Re blogging xxx

Telling the Story - Penny Pepper - The Naked Punk

In light of Lord Freud’s so-called thinking aloud statement that some disabled people ‘aren’t worth the minimum wage’, it set me to think about how we – current society – assess the value of people.

First, some definitions from the OED, which is as good a place to start as any.

Worth – the level at which someone or something deserves to be valued or rated.

Value – the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something; the material or monetary worth of something.

Pretty much interchangeable then, and there is that word ‘deserve’ rearing its pitiful head. Of late it seems disabled people exist on a precarious tight-rope of deserving or not deserving, and this state is a variable as those flying through the political ladder-climbing post of Minister for Disabled People.

Sometimes, if not all times, you are more worthy if you…

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Rotherham, Race and “White” Paedophilia

Thank you for a very balanced blog 👍 I find it such a shame that the ‘race’ issue seems to overlook the real problem – paedophilia – whether the perpetrators are white, black, or yellow with purple polka dots!.

As you rightly point out in the blog, there is serious cases of ‘Establishment abuse’ – in care homes, Councils, Police – and major cover ups – involvement of MPs, Lords…maybe higher up?…. We don’t question these people’s colour, or religion….

Paedophilia needs stamping on – no matter who that person or persons are.

Not all white people are bad, same as people ‘of colour’ – trouble is, the likes of BNP and Britain First use the headlines for THEIR own agenda – NOT – for the sake of those abused as a priority – but to cause racial tensions, and that is simply wrong. You cannot use a child’s abuse to further your Party – it’s twisted and sick.


rotherhamNothing scorches the mind more than the news of innocent children being subject to abuse, be it psychological, physical or sexual.  It is a scarring which remains with the child for the rest of his or her life, impacting their ability to form relationships and inhibiting development of their mental faculties.

It is without doubt emblematic of human depravity of the extreme kind.

The right-wing, anti-Muslim racists however are doing their utmost to attach the horror that is the case of Rotherham to race (Pakistani) and religion (Islam). In the comments section of a Spectator article on the topic, commenters called for Islam to be proscribed, mosques to be bulldozed and British Isles to be cleansed, Spanish inquisition-style.


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Social cleansing in Hendon

Social cleansing on yet another Council Estate/Social Housing/affordable rent allocated properties – this has to STOP. Please read this chaps blog and there’s a link to a petition you can sign – thanks 👍

Keithpp's Blog

Our West Hendon Our West Hendon

The battle of the New Era Estate tenants with a vulture capitalist property company focussed attention on the social cleansing that is happening in London.

But as we now learn, New Era Estate is only the tip of a very dirty iceberg.

Hendon, a council estate given away to a property company, together with a pile of cash, to demolish the council housing, to build tower blocks for sale to dirty money.

What Mayor Boris classes as brown field sites, is land occupied by council housing.

I am used to fighting and exposing local authority corruption, but even I have not seen corruption on this scale.

This though is not new. A decade or so ago, I was working with squatters on the Pepys Estate, who fighting something similar. A council estate that when it was built, the people worked with the architects. But, you cannot have…

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