These parking ‘tickets’ are a toothless threat!

You really couldn’t make this story up if you tried!!
How on earth do these vultures get away with it? Even painting double yellow lines so it looks official!
I love the Judges response!

Please kindly re share to let others know how these scoundrels work. They need putting out of business!

Inside Seacroft

As Christmas approaches, people may notice these signs on the road next to the Royal Mail Seacroft Delivery Office off Coal Road when they’re dropping off or picking up their parcels.IMG_20140910_190852959

Around the same time that these signs went up, double yellow lines were painted on the road and a parking bay with space for only about four cars, with a permitted waiting time of only a few minutes, was set up.

The signs were put up by a firm called Vehicle Control Services Ltd (VCS), who send out some very official-looking threatening letters and demands for £100 “parking charges”. One thing that is particularly shameful is that these notices even state that disabled people are “not exempt”. But here’s some rather good news for you… these invoices are almost certainly NOT ENFORCEABLE.

Companies like this can (and will) huff and puff as much as they like in…

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