Schedule for Thursday, 23rd of October

Keep up the good work! I watched Caroline Lucas’s brilliant speech in full yesterday, and Jenny Jones – can’t believe they were both almost arrested! And Caroline just for wanted to share an omelette! The World has gone crazy!
I live the fact that you’ve all been peaceful – shows you don’t need violence to get your point across….shame the Police have been so heavy handed.

Shame on Cameron for closing down Parliment Square and other places nearby where you Guys can PEACEFULLY protest!

Well done! Keep your spirits up! Namaste xxx 💞


Justice, Equality and the Media – why the poor are criminalised and the rich get away with it.

9:30am Camp assembly/Whole site work

1pm Lunch

2pm Workshop Hannah Dee (Defend the Right to Protest)

3pm “We Need to talk about Editorial Power – alternative ways forward for the media” by Dan Hind (author of Return of the Public)

4pm Workshop “How the legal system was captured and how we can reclaim democracy through the law” by Melanie Strickland (Occupy Law) and Nina Owen (Earth Lawyer)

5pm A Briefing on the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act (which came into force on Monday) by Matthew Varnham (Occupy London legal advisor)

Ken Loach (director, Spirit of 45) is likely to be coming down to meet people between 3-5pm and may say a few words at some point.

6pm: Speakers including performance artist Mark McGowan (aka The Artist Taxi Driver) and human rights…

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