The moral nihilism of the Coalition

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Poster and slogan from Terry Gilliam’s absurdo-dystopic film “Brazil”. David Cameron evidently has a strong sense of taunting irony.

Narratives of “welfare dependency” have once again become much more common place and increasingly assertive under the coalition Government – embedded in narratives driven by the the so-called Skivers and Strivers dichotomy. Poverty, according to this distinctly Tory perspective, is caused by a culture of deviance, idleness and dependency. The poor are responsible for their poverty. They cannot be trusted to be responsible, or make the right choices for themselves – or society more generally – and so are in need of “paternalistic guidelines” and cognitive behaviour therapy. Poverty is being “re-responsiblised.”

But the rich are not getting richer whilst the poor get poorer: the rich are getting richer by the poor getting poorer. There’s a chasmic conflict of interest between the rich persons’ selfish, individual goals and collective societal values.

A simple truth…

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Disabled Delegates ‘Forced Out Of Front Row’ At Labour Conference For ‘Party Suits’

What happened? I’d be very interested to find out. It’s disgraceful.

Same Difference

This is unbelievable.Same Difference would be very interested to know what Kate Green has to say about it.

HEARTLESS Labour chiefs forced a group of disabled delegates to give up their seats for “party suits” minutes before Ed Miliband’s speech yesterday, the Morning Star can reveal.

Delegate and Morning Star contributor Bernadette Horton tripped and fell as she was shifted so some “bright young things” could be in place to shake the Labour leader’s hand.

“As I was going up the stairs I just lost my footing and fell,” said Ms Horton who walks with a crutch.

“I was really upset and shaken.”

Venue stewards told the party worker the seats had been specially assigned to the 15 disabled delegates but were overruled.

Ms Horton said: “The people in suits saw this but didn’t say anything. I said ‘if you’re Labour you should be ashamed.’  

“We’re like pariahs in…

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