Going out, and the dressing dilemma!

My daughter has been out for the day – to the beach! With Suffolk Young Carers – an organisation that supports young carers. 


At 10, she had been a carer for myself. It’s been a tough few years, and I understand how difficult it’s been for her ( I was in a sense a young carer for my mum when I was s child)

Last year was extremely difficult and Anna had to do a lot of caring – helping me Shower and put on my undies! and help with food and general things. She didn’t – and doesn’t mind – but – it’s nice just to see and let her be a child. My husband had to stop work early this year, and is now my full time carer….as well as still being hubby 😉😘


Anyway – back to the title! I want to go with hubby to pick Anna up, but after contracting pneumonia again recently,  I’m extra tired and weak….so…..I’m going to go out in my pj’s and dressing gown! 


There was a lot of criticisms the press  recently, about people going to supermarkets or doing the school run in PJ’S


What do YOU think about nightwear being worn in public? 


Personally, it’s never really bothered me what people are wearing…,so long as their ‘bits’ are covered…..not that I’m a prude! It’s just that I don’t want my daughter to see other peoples ‘bits’ on display!


You also hear critiques complaining about larger sized women wearing types of clothing – why? what gives them the right to put a size group down?  

I was once told that larger women don’t look good in dresses…..well, I promptly went out and bought one!! ( a size 16/18) and felt brilliant in it! And I got compliments!


Sod it! I’m a Fibro/ME warrior – I’m gonna slip my new dressing gown on – grab my sticks and head for the car…..I want to see Anna’s smile as she gets off that Coach! To hell with the PJ Police!! 😜😃😃


Loopey…..ange ❤️ xxx




From The Holocaust To The Massacre In Gaza Through Ben-Gurion Airport, by Miko Peled

Miko Peled is a fascinating person with deep rooted history in Israel.
He speaks from his heart. He speaks morally, and he speaks truthfully. He is an ex Soldier, now Peace Activist…and so much more!

Miko has been on BOTH ‘sides’ and he knows what needs to be done.

This massacre MUST end. I feel guilty that the UK – my Country England, has played a part….from long ago with the invasion of Palestine, up to the selling of Arms to Israel. Selling weapons is NOT business – it is MURDER, and I hope that there will be accountability for this.

Gaza is so far away from my little old Town in England, but everyday I think about those poor innocent men, women, and children who have been murdered or wounded. My heart bleeds for them all.

Keep up your good work Miko. I’m not sure how much this will mean to you, coming from a stranger…but…I am very proud of you and also your sister.

Regards loopey…..Ange 👍❤️

Miko Peled

The morning after “Lailat Al Qadr” the death toll in Gaza was approaching its first thousand. I spent the holy night of “Al Qadr,” (The night before the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan is a special night, believed to be the night when the Holy Koran was revealed to the prophet Mohammad)  with friends in Ramallah, after participating in the 48K March for Gaza. The march began in Ramallah and went to Qalandia checkpoint. What began as a peaceful event with families with children and even babies in strollers, ended with young Palestinians with gunshot wounds being rushed in ambulances to the local hospital.

Qalandia crossing was fortified and air tight, and the Israeli soldiers stationed were shooting live ammunition at the crowd. As the ambulances were speeding through the crowd I couldn’t help wondering why there is no hospital between Qalandia and…

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The British economy’s long bath

Brilliant piece! – I’m sick to the back teeth of Tories spouting off facts and figures that only suit themselves – it’s been blatantly obvious to anyone – especially those seeking work – that the ratio of jobs out there, are by far zero contract, self employment, or part time. These charts SHOW what is really happening.

I’m now wondering if the General Election will be brought forward? …lump the blame on the next government, when declarations are due in come January?

Flip Chart Fairy Tales

This was a watershed month for the UK’s slow recovery, with a number of things finally getting back to where they were before the recession. In July, GDP, the employment rate and the number of full-time jobs edged above 2008 levels. The FT did a celebratory piece this weekend with some great charts from Chris Giles.

When you look at the per capita figures, though, things don’t look quite so good. The population has risen since 2008, so, once you divide it up, 2008’s GDP doesn’t go as far.

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 12.55.28

The employment figures tall a similar story. The rate might be back where it was before the recession but the net increase in jobs has been almost entirely due to part-time and self employment.

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 13.01.40

As Michael remarked:

Put plainly, what it shows is that the recovery of the employment rate to previous levels has been driven entirely by growth in numbers of people who…

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