The left’s little London Demo

The protest was a lot more successful than this blogger makes out. There’s a growing community of discontent for Government. These protests and Marches will continue, along with other ways to show support.
These protests aren’t JUST for Labour supporters ( and I think your pretty stupid if you think that’s what makes up the numbers! ) you’ll also find a wide range of people at these protests – YES you will find unemployed – but equally you will find workers on low pay ( ahhhh yes, the wonderful zero contract hours! ) workers on low pay who are skilled and unskilled. You’ll also find disabled people and carers…..oh and mentioning disabled people, it was shocking that the MET Police were involved in an incident with disabled protesters this weekend. The protest had been granted permission on the Grounds, but The Dean of Westminster decided to hide in his little old church and call for back up! – these disabled protesters ( who were protesting about The Independant Living Fund, were treated appallingly.
Up and down the country people are waking up and deciding that the present system is NOT working.

Russell Brand may well have made his money – but – he is one of MANY platforms us mere mortals can use to get our point a across…..of course I would expect a Tory to belittle what’s being done! 😉

A Riverside View

I wondered why not many members of Ipswich Labour were at Suffolk Pride yesterday but now I understand why. Ipswich Bolshevik Blogger Comrade Coates Ipswich Bolshevik Blogger Comrade Coates at the demo Let’s face it. To Ipswich Labour, going down The Smoke on a left wing march and listening to various Z list celebrities is more important than supporting part of the local community.
Russel Brand leaving the demo yesterday breaking the law. Russel Brand leaving the demo yesterday breaking the law.

In case you didn’t know, yesterday there was a gathering in London of mindless drones who stood and cheered and clapped and listened to the likes of multimillionaire, Russell Brand who is now dating Jemima Khan, the sister of Zac Goldsmith the prominent right wing Conservative. She herself the multimillionaire having recently purchased a £15 million house in Oxfordshire.

They are most upset that the Bolshevik Broadcasting Commune didn’t cover to the level at which they expected it to – i.e. bore…

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2 thoughts on “The left’s little London Demo”

  1. The protest was yet another damp squib like all the lefts demo’s are. It’s always the same group of people who show up at these events which are more social gatherings than a means of changing anything. These protests and Marches will continue, because demonstrating is what the left like doing. I am aware that these protests aren’t just for Labour supporters. You have the SWP, Socialist Unity and a whole range of other insignificant left wing groups. You will find unemployed – but equally you will find workers on low pay due to Labour’s open door immigration policy, people on zero hour contracts that Labour found nothing wrong with when they were in government and a host of other people Labour made vulnerable on purpose.

    As for that ‘incident’ involving disabled people. It’s about as accurate as the spin Robespierre said about Marie Antoinette saying “Let them eat cake.”

    Russell Brand is clueless and is dating the millionaire sister of a high profile Tory.

    It was yet another occasion of poor people gathering to hear rich people telling them that other rich people are the reason they are poor.

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