Woman arrested after posting photo of George Osborne at Dominatrix’s flat

Another Tory with a dodgy past….are ANY of them squeaky clean? Answers on a postcard please?!!!

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the corrupt UK today!)

A woman was arrested today after posting a photograph on Twitter of chancellor George Osborne at her flat when she worked as a madame at an escort agency.

Natalie Rowe posted this photo on Twitter just two days ago:

rowe osborne

Then today Natalie was arrested by the police for “abusive behaviour”:

rowe osborne1

Natalie’s home was also searched last year by police after she tried to publish her memoirs in which she mentions Osborne took cocaine and used her services as a dominatrix called Miss Whiplash:

Cops raid home of ex-vice madam about to tell all on wild parties involving top Tories

Of course this could all be coincidence.

Or perhaps more proof – if any more were needed – that our police are being used to protect politicians’ reputations rather than catching criminals?


UPDATE: Natalie has posted another photo of Osborne – this time off…

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See if YOUR objection is mentioned in the Surveillance Bill debate!

If you haven’t written to your MP already about this – you have until tomorrow – email your MP today with your objection!

Vox Political


It seems Parliament’s discussion of the Data Retention and Investigatory Bill, also known as the Surveillance Bill, will now take place tomorrow (Tuesday) rather than today (Monday).

This works better for Yr Obdt Srvt, who has carer-related business today and would not have been able to watch the debate.

Hopefully, many Vox Political readers – if not all – have emailed or tweeted MPs, calling on them to speak and vote against the Bill which, while only reinstating powers the government has already been using, is a totally unacceptable infringement of our freedom that is being imposed in a totally unacceptable timeframe.

As has been discussed here previously, the Bill enshrines in law Theresa May’s ‘Snooper’s Charter’, requiring telecommunications companies to keep a complete record of all your telephone and Internet communications for examination by politicians.

The information to be kept includes the location of people you call, the date…

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Doesn’t surprise me in the least – ALL disabled people are in a sense vulnerable in one sense or another – but – the danger with people who suffer from some serious mental health conditions is suicide…..how many more deaths are going to be related to assessors such as ATOS/Capita and the DWP – instigated by IDS – the ‘mind’ behind all these ‘amazing’ Welfare Reform.

Benefit tales

Figures released by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) show that the number of sick and disabled people who have had their sickness benefit sanctioned is on the rise.

According to available figures, which were released in response to a freedom of information request (pdf), sickness benefit claimants with mental health problems are far more likely to have their benefit slashed than those with a physical disability

Read this article on the Welfare News Service here: http://welfarenewsservice.com/sickness-benefit-sanctions-rise-dwp-figures-show-graph/

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School pupils’ details are being given away by the government

I don’t see WHY the government feel there’s a need to share such information – AND – without parents/pupils consent or knowledge…..welcome to Bug Brother where EVERYONE is watched…..

Vox Political

Selling their future: Michael Gove's Department for Education has put pupils' confidential information up for sale. Selling their future: Michael Gove’s Department for Education has put pupils’ confidential information up for sale.

Thanks are due to the Vox Political reader who flagged up the fact that, while plans to sell British citizens’ health records and tax details are currently delayed or in consideration, confidential information about our children is already being passed on to private companies.

Researchers and third-party organisations can apply for detailed information from the national pupil database (NPD), covering pupils at schools and colleges in England.

This includes test and exam results, details of prior attainment and progression at different key stages for pupils in the state sector, attainment data for students in non-maintained special schools, sixth-form and further education colleges, and information on pupils in independent schools, where available.

The database also includes information about pupils’ characteristics, such as gender, ethnicity, first language, eligibility for free school meals, special educational needs (SEN), and…

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Starving British children are looking for food in rubbish bins

Worth a reblog – this is happening right NOW in the UK – and we have a Tory led coalition to blame – shameful and sad. No one should be going hungry. Tories still think foodbanks are a bad idea, or not needed?

Vox Political

Who said it could never happen here? Children are starving on the streets of Britain as the Tory-led Coalition's hate policies bite ever-more-deeply into the poor [Image: Stoke Sentinel]. Who said it could never happen here? Children are starving on the streets of Britain as the Tory-led Coalition’s hate policies bite ever-more-deeply into the poor [Image: Stoke Sentinel]. British children are sifting through bins left outside houses in search of scraps of food because they are starving, it has been revealed.

But Tories and their supporters in rich London won’t have to look at them – because they are in Labour-held Stoke-on-Trent.

The Stoke Sentinel reported that “Youngsters have been searching through bins in the Hollings Street and Brocksford Street area of Fenton before eating any leftovers.”

It said, “Dozens of hungry families are referred to Fenton’s food bank for help every week.”

What’s really sad about this story is that some of the people interviewed seemed to think the problem was with the mess left behind by these children – youngsters who are, remember, so hungry that they…

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Don’t tell MI5 – but Russians are bankrolling the Tory Party

CaMoron would trade with anyone, under ANY terms, IF it benefited him and his elite…..trouble is, he’s likely to piss a few neighbours off with this one!

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

A governing UK political party being bankrolled by Russian oligarchs isn’t something the British electorate – or MI5 – would be all that keen on I’d imagine.

So I’m not surprised the Tories have been trying desperately to hide the identities of the people who attended their fundraising dinner last year.

That’s because – after Brits – Russians were the most representative nationality at the fundraising event.

According to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, the list of ultra-rich Russians and eastern Europeans who attended the party fundraiser included:

Alexander Temerko (Russia)

Tatanya Korsakova (Russia)

Andrei Borodin (Russia)

Vasily Shestakov (Russia)

Alexander Kuznetsov (Russia)

Alex Nekrassov (Russia)

Andrei Kliamko (Belarus)

Darko Horvat (Slovenia)

Obviously, it’s always possible that all those dodgy Russians and their mates who are handing over their millions to one of our governing parties won’t be expecting anything in return for their beneficence.

Fingers crossed.

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The left’s little London Demo

The protest was a lot more successful than this blogger makes out. There’s a growing community of discontent for Government. These protests and Marches will continue, along with other ways to show support.
These protests aren’t JUST for Labour supporters ( and I think your pretty stupid if you think that’s what makes up the numbers! ) you’ll also find a wide range of people at these protests – YES you will find unemployed – but equally you will find workers on low pay ( ahhhh yes, the wonderful zero contract hours! ) workers on low pay who are skilled and unskilled. You’ll also find disabled people and carers…..oh and mentioning disabled people, it was shocking that the MET Police were involved in an incident with disabled protesters this weekend. The protest had been granted permission on the Grounds, but The Dean of Westminster decided to hide in his little old church and call for back up! – these disabled protesters ( who were protesting about The Independant Living Fund, were treated appallingly.
Up and down the country people are waking up and deciding that the present system is NOT working.

Russell Brand may well have made his money – but – he is one of MANY platforms us mere mortals can use to get our point a across…..of course I would expect a Tory to belittle what’s being done! 😉

A Riverside View

I wondered why not many members of Ipswich Labour were at Suffolk Pride yesterday but now I understand why. Ipswich Bolshevik Blogger Comrade Coates Ipswich Bolshevik Blogger Comrade Coates at the demo Let’s face it. To Ipswich Labour, going down The Smoke on a left wing march and listening to various Z list celebrities is more important than supporting part of the local community.
Russel Brand leaving the demo yesterday breaking the law. Russel Brand leaving the demo yesterday breaking the law.

In case you didn’t know, yesterday there was a gathering in London of mindless drones who stood and cheered and clapped and listened to the likes of multimillionaire, Russell Brand who is now dating Jemima Khan, the sister of Zac Goldsmith the prominent right wing Conservative. She herself the multimillionaire having recently purchased a £15 million house in Oxfordshire.

They are most upset that the Bolshevik Broadcasting Commune didn’t cover to the level at which they expected it to – i.e. bore…

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