No, No, Not the News: disengaging from a prejudiced media

Really good piece of writing from a talented person 🙂

Telling the Story: Penny Pepper

For some weeks I’ve put an embargo on the news, and it’s done marvels for my mood.

We shouldn’t fool ourselves that we must watch and read the news. What the hell is ‘news’ anyway? It’s disclosure, although that suggests something that was secret that we really need to know about. And quite often we don’t.

I’m not saying we don’t need to educate ourselves about things, and I’m eternally interested in almost everything –  but education can be done more helpfully than watching uninformative regurgitations of fudged statistics, from stuffy reporters or worse, the bloated sneering faces of government ministers, almost unfailingly MALE. (Though as an aside, I have to say rightly sacked Maria Killer Miller and Esther Bimbo McVey, inflicted on us as Ministers for disabled people, ostensibly female, could induce a rabid attack of swearing after a few words – gender notwithstanding.)

Now we have Mike Penning…

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